Increase Visibility

Increase Visibility

ChinAmericaPass provides a 360° expertise on operational services targeting Chinese Free Independent Travelers (FIT).
ChinAmericaPass provides social media management services and mobile payment solutions, allowing you to share information on your products and services.
WeChat Travel Experience
On December 2017, Our partner EuroPass launched the “WeChat Travel Experience”, a WeChat mini-program revealing the colours of key cities and countries in the United States and in Europe. Our selection can be used as a travel guide, online ticketing & shopping, e-couponing, as well as a geo-targeting function. WeChat Travel Experience is a perfect well-rounded ecosystem dedicated to Chinese travelers.

Marketing Campaigns

ChinAmericaPass provides diversified digital marketing solutions to promote your business to a qualified audience of Chinese travelers to meet your objectives. Create an O2O environment via well designed multichannel marketing campaigns and Generate Traffic, Drive-To-Store, Improve your Conversion Rate
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