ChinAmericaPass provides a 360° expertise on operational services targeting Chinese Free Independent Travelers (FIT).
ChinAmericaPass provides social media management services and mobile payment solutions, allowing you to share information on your products and services.

Let us animate your digital

Western tourists who have ever been attempted to take a taxi in Shanghai should understand how a Chinese feel like while travelling in the United States. They face both culture and language barrier.

Major destinations like New York and Los Angeles are overcrowded. To solve the problem and grow Chinese FIT, crowd control and decentralization are efficient. Having the right tools at disposal helps tourists find their way and give them opportunities to visit surrounding areas.

In May 2017, Our Partner EuroPass launched the first digital tool for the RATP (Régie des Transports Autonomes Parisiens), a French public transport company serving numerous Chinese tourists.

Since CGTN France produced a video in October 2017, EuroPass has continued to innovate for RATP. On top of its WeChat account, RATP also has a Chinese version of its official website, weekly newsletters in Chinese and most recently a WeChat mini-program “travel guide” with a built-in “pay & collect” function to sell its ticket online in RMB via WeChat.

Assisted from the start by EuroPass, RATP became a leading enterprise in the industry regarding Chinese tourism. ChinAmericaPass and EuroPass are ready to work with all kind of public transportation companies so together we create new remarkable projects.

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